The goldsmith traditions of Vicenza have ancient origins, giving it the nickname “the gold capital of Italy”. Early documentation shows that there was early flourishing goldsmith activity in Vicenza dating back to 1399.

In later century’s The Goldsmiths of Vicenza collaborated with Venice and to produce jewellery for the whole of the Venetian republic, each piece stamped with the mark of San Marco. With the increasing demands of the Church and the Venetian nobles, artisan shops opened and thrived in Vicenza allowing the now famous goldsmith traditions to be handed down from generation to generation.

From the end of 1700 the industrialisation of the industry began , family run and owned business were embraced and encouraged and this is why today we see precious jewellery stamped with the ‘ Made in Vicenza’ signage, now made famous worldwide.


Roman jewellery was founded in 1928, in the district of Vicenza, by Giuseppe Roman, when he acquired an historic goldsmiths factory, where he had previously worked as an apprentice.

In the post war years he was actively involved in all aspects of both production and selling within the Veneto region and in 1997 his son, Leonardo opened a shop in Piazza Mazzini in the heart of Lido di Jesolo.

A gemological analysis laboratory opened in the historical site in 1979 and is managed today by Leonardo Roman, IGI gemologist, and Maurizio
Roman, GIA Graduate Gemologist.

Our shop offers our clients a stunning range of products, from the contemporary to the classic, beautiful jewellery and watches which will suit
all budgets and tastes.

Alongside our contemporary ranges you will find our exquisite collection of handcrafted jewellery which is marked with our own Vicenza 2628VI
mark, signifying both the highest quality of gems, at the most competitive price.